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Whole Home Generator Installation

Our world relies heavily on a consistent and reliable power supply, and when interruptions occur, our daily routines, livelihoods, and even safety can be disrupted and compromised. At Air Pros, we understand the critical importance of a steady power source, especially at home. As a dedicated provider of generator installation services, we offer a comprehensive solution to ensure uninterrupted power during unexpected outages.

Benefits of a Home Generator Installation

When you invest in a standby generator installation, you will reap many benefits, including the peace of mind of having backup power during outages, protection for your electronics, safety, and security for your home and loved ones, and, best of all, a reliable source of power during unexpected interruptions.

Back-Up Power During Power Outages

There is nothing like sitting around with no power in the house during a storm or some other unforeseen event that takes the electricity down for a bit. With a standby generator installed on your property, the electricity in your house won’t skip a bit even if the rest of the neighborhood’s power is out.

Protection for Electronics and Appliances

It is not a secret that power outages often cause power surges that can damage electronics and appliances. When the power turns back on, the current of electricity may be too strong and can fry some expensive and critical electronics and appliances. Because a generator keeps the electricity going, this problem will not be your concern.

Enhance Safety and Security During Power Outages

Nothing is more important than your safety and security. When the power goes out, these elements of a whole and healthy life are easily compromised. Slipping and falling in the dark is a reality, especially for those with disabilities. Specific computer and home security systems become vulnerable to hackers without the regular safeguards that rely on electricity. When your home generator kicks on, you won’t have to worry about this issue because the backup power will continue to provide the safety and security needed for your home.

Use of High Quality, Reliable Power

What’s better than having backup power, peace of mind about your home equipment, and overall safety during a power outage? One thing that can be better is having access to high-quality, reliable power provided by the nation’s top generator brands. At Air Pros, we pride ourselves on working only with the best brands that will serve your power needs for many years to come.

Our Whole House Generator Installation Process

At Air Pros USA, we go the extra mile to ensure a smooth and successful new generator installation, as it is critical to have a reliable power source. Our comprehensive installation process is designed to meet your needs, providing you with a seamless functioning home generator system.

Initial Consultation and Assessment

Before we do any generator installations, we begin with a consultation and assessment. We take the time to learn about the power needs of your household, taking careful notes on the layout of your property and your preferences. This assessment allows us to understand exactly how to serve you.

Generator Selection

After assessing your needs, we will provide you with a selection of generators that will serve your household most optimally. We will assist you in selecting the right standby generator according to your needs and any financial constraints.

Site Preparation

After the generator has been selected, we will take the necessary steps to select and prepare the installation site for your new standby generator. This usually involves clearing out debris or plants and laying a concrete slab to create an even surface.

Actual Installation of the Home Generator

With the installation site prepared, our electricians then set off to complete the actual installation of the generator. They take the time to set it in place and make all the necessary connections and adjustments, as indicated by the manufacturer's guidelines.

Testing and Commissioning

Once the generator has been put in place and installed, our team members will then test it. This allows us to ensure that it starts working correctly and to make any necessary adjustments for optimal function and longevity.

Why Choose Air Pros for Standby Generator Installation?

Our commitment is to deliver seamless and efficient new generator installations tailored to your unique needs as you can tell from our reviews. When you hire the generator installation team at Air Pros, you will be a happy customer and recipient of the best services known in the home generator industry.

Our Promises to You:

Contact Air Pros for Home Generator Installer Services

Is your home equipped with a backup generator? Contact Air Pros USA today for a seamless and quality generator installation for your property. With our help, you will always have a steady stream of power in your house, regardless of outside circumstances.

FAQ: New Generator Installation

What is the average cost of installing a home generator?

The cost of a generator ranges from $4,000 to $25,000 and depends on its size, fuel source, and manufacturer.

Do generators need to be professionally installed?

Yes. Generators are complex systems that must be installed by someone who is trained and licensed to do so. Many generator warranties require professional installation to uphold their protection clauses.

How do I prepare my house for a generator?

The most important preparation step for a generator is ensuring that it is adequately sized to meet the power demands of your home. This is something your electrician will assist you in determining.


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