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Air Pros is the most trusted and reliable company for all your AC Repair needs.

We serve multiple locations in Colorado, Texas, and Florida. Our team is the one you can rely on to get things done for all your air conditioner problems, regardless of the unit type, make, and model.

Free Diagnostics With Any AC Repair

If you suspect something is amiss with your AC, Air Pros would be more than happy to provide you with free diagnostics. During the appointment, one of our expert AC repair technicians will perform a thorough inspection of the unit and diagnose the damage. Once we understand the nature of the issue, including what replacement parts we’ll need and how long it will take to repair, we’ll give you an honest price estimate.

We respond quickly and efficiently to unexpected AC unit breakdowns in Colorado Springs, Dallas-Fort Worth, West, Central and South Florida. This includes, but is not limited to refrigerant leaks, circuit board & thermostat replacements, blown fuses/relays or issues with capacitors, compressors, evaporators, fan units, and condensing units. We do it all and also provide full system check-ups as part of our preventive maintenance plans.

Cost of AC Repair

The cost of repairing your air conditioner depends on the issue your AC is facing. We consider jobs like tune-ups, capacitor replacements, fan motor repair, and refrigerant recharges to be relatively minor. More serious air conditioner repairs can cost higher and can include jobs like replacing the condenser coil, evaporator coil, or compressor.


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Common AC Problems


The cost of repairing your air conditioner depends on the issue your AC is facing. We consider jobs like tune-ups, capacitor replacements, fan motor repair, and refrigerant recharges to be relatively minor. More serious air conditioner repairs can cost higher and can include jobs like replacing the condenser coil, evaporator coil, or compressor.

  • Air produced by AC is room-temperature or hot
  • AC is running non-stop, with or without producing cold air
  • Unit can no longer turn on
  • AC is leaking or creating puddles of water
  • Cooling bills have recently spiked for no apparent reason
  • Air coming out of the vents smells like mold or mildew
  • AC is making unusual sounds like clanking, groaning, or buzzing

Do any of these sound familiar? If so, we recommend having your AC inspected by one of our knowledgeable AC repair technicians.

Common AC Repair Requests

Your home air conditioning unit is a marvelous array of condenser coils, compressors, electrical components and fans; some inside, some outside. The evaporators, refrigeration lines and air tunnels (or ducts) all intricately work together to cool your home. Our AC service techs are on standby to fix any issue relating to this cooling system, quickly and efficiently. Below are some issues we fix on a daily basis.



Air Pros has been helping South Florida homeowners keep their cool for years. With thousands of satisfied customers each and every year, our technicians are true professionals.



While home AC thermostats are extremely reliable when it comes to regulating internal temperatures in a residence, they do sometimes falter leading to fluctuations in air temperature. Hot one minute; cold the next! Our techs will determine if you have an outdated model which needs upgrading or whether the newer digital unit is malfunctioning.



A faulty capacitor will affect the motors that power compressors. Both motor activation and motor running will be severely impacted if the capacitor is worn out. We can quickly isolate any issues and return the air conditioning unit to a balanced state of affairs



These reside inside the compressor, blower motor and condenser fan motors allowing an electrical connection that starts both the motor and compressor. Any issues will affect the electrical current and motor activation. Our service techs will quickly work out the best course of action to correct any contractor issues.



Dirty condensers outside the compressor will also affect the optimal flow of air through your home. We suggest cleaning these once per with one of our approved chemical cleaners. A full diagnostics will determine if your condensers are faulty.



There is no job to big or to small for our Air Conditioning Repair specialist.

How to Choose the Right AC Repair Company?

Getting the best air conditioner repair service for your home means choosing the right cooling company. When considering which contractor to hire for the job, there are a few important factors you should keep in mind.

  • Experience: We have years of hands-on experience performing AC repairs in Colorado, Texas, and Florida. We expertly handle everything from minor air conditioner repairs like fan motor repair to major repairs like replacing the compressor. Plus, we work with almost every major brand of AC, including Rheem, Trane, Carrier, Goodman, Ameristar, York and Lennox..
  • Licensure: Our technicians are NATE-certified, which means they have the most cutting-edge training and skills.
  • Free diagnostics: Before we perform air conditioner repairs, we’ll perform free diagnostics and issue you a price estimate for the work. Our estimates are honest, straightforward, and include no hidden fees.

What You Should Do Before Calling for AC Repair

You’ll be happy to learn that not all cooling issues are cause for professional air conditioning repairs. In fact, there are a few common issues that you can take care of on your own in the comfort of your home.

  • Check the thermostat: Dead thermostat batteries will prevent your AC from turning on and cycling like normal. Oftentimes, homeowners think their AC is dead when all it needs is a fresh pair of batteries in the thermostat. Change the batteries to see if this restores your home’s cooling.
  • Check the air filters: Air filters improve your home’s indoor air quality and protect your AC from getting clogged with dust and debris. Every three or four months, you should swap out your old air filter for a fresh one. If the filter goes too long without being changed, it can cause the AC to stop running. If this is the cause of your AC woes, changing the filter will fix it.
  • Check the vents: If you notice cooling issues in one particular room of your house, there’s a chance the vent is blocked or closed. Open up the vent to see if that restores cool air to the room.
  • Check the circuit breakers: Sometimes, a hard-working AC can trip a circuit breaker and cause power to the unit to shut off. Check your breaker box to make sure your AC has adequate power.

However, if you’re not confident to do any of these, or not sure which part is which, don’t force yourself to DIY. Leaving it to Air Pros to prevent further AC problems. You can always call us.


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Our Air Conditioner Repair Process

At Air Pros, our air conditioning repair technicians follow a tried-and-tested AC repair process. We’ve used the same process for years because it’s the best approach for comprehensive, accurate diagnostics and air conditioner repairs.

Take a look at our five-step air conditioning repair checklist below:

  • Preparation: Each AC is different, so we’ll review the system manual for your particular make and model, whether it’s Rheem, Trane, Carrier, Goodman, Ameristar, York, Lennox, or any other major brand.
  • Observation: Like Sherlock Holmes at a crime scene, we look for clues that lead us back to the problem. Things like burnt wires, strange odors, unusual sounds, and oil on the bottom of the machine will get us closer to the answer we’re looking for.
  • Identify the problem: Once we have our clues, we can narrow them down to identify the exact problem.
  • Determine what’s causing it: Oftentimes, problems are associated with an underlying cause. If we simply fix the problem without the cause, your AC will run into the same issue again in the future. We take a holistic approach to ensure long-lasting air conditioner repairs.
  • Repair and test: Now comes the technical part! We whip out our tools and repair the issue. Once we’re done, we’ll test the system to make sure our solution was the correct one. We’ll keep at it until your AC is back up and running.

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Prevent Issues Before They Start

Sign up for our preventive maintenance program which sends one of our service tech pros to your home twice a year to ensure a bulletproof air conditioning system that will save you thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your AC unit. It’s the smartest way to avoid problems BEFORE they start. We are a Pinkerton-approved AC repair and install company with an impeccable record. You will be extremely happy with our service



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