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The Trusted Name in Air Conditioning Repair, Furnace Repair, Plumbing, and Electrical Services in Colorado Springs, CO.

Visit our newly acquired company, One Source Home Services, to receive AC repair, furnace repair, electrical and plumbing services. We are proud to be a veteran-owned home services business.

Our entire team works tirelessly to bring the same dedication, passion, and focus that we brought to our military service to the work we do for you. In fact, we see the work that we do at One Source as simply another way that we are striving to make your life better, every single day

Licensed AC Repair Professionals in Colorado Springs

Air Pros works hard to ensure your air conditioner is ready for summer. Hot weather can strain your AC to the point of a breakdown, especially if there are hidden issues. Fortunately, we’ve got your air conditioner repair and maintenance needs covered. Colorado Springs residents benefit from prompt service, our commitment to quality, and the dedication of skilled, knowledgeable professionals.

A family-owned business, we ensure your AC and heating needs are fully met, and service is affordable for your budget. Specials can help you save on diagnostics. We also have financing options you can apply for to help pay for repairs over time. So, if you need AC repair in or around Colorado Springs, you can count on Air Pros to get it right.

We Handle All Types of AC Repair in Colorado Springs

Our home service professionals know how to address any issue with any make or model of AC. No matter how serious the problem is, we’ll find a solution. We can quickly determine the cause of strange noises, a lack of cooling, or uneven cooling from room to room. If your AC starts running constantly or cycling more frequently, or your monthly electric bill increases for no apparent reason, Air Pros will get to the bottom of it.

Issues such as weak airflow or the thermostat not reaching the set temperature aren’t uncommon. We can often address them quickly. The age of your AC unit is another factor. Older systems are notorious for needing more frequent repairs. When your AC needs several repairs in a short time, our licensed technicians may recommend replacing it to save money.

Why Expert Air Conditioner Repair Is So Important

At Air Pros, we are committed to ensuring your comfort and well-being. Quality repairs ensure your air conditioner will work all summer long and provide cool air while doing so efficiently. An AC repair can lower your electric bill and help your AC last longer. Some well-maintained units can run well past 15 to 20 years. But we don't just fix your system. Our team uses the latest technology to check your home for leaks, energy loss, and other issues that may be costing you money.

Repairing your AC allows it to more effectively control humidity levels, further improving comfort. It can address air quality issues as well. If your unit isn’t properly fixed, dust, mold, and other pollutants can circulate and affect your health. Air Pros delivers prompt service to ensure your home is safe, comfortable, and efficient without worry over AC performance issues and breakdowns. Satisfied customers across our service area can attest to the results we’ve achieved.

Contact Air Pros to Schedule AC Repair in Colorado Springs Today

Specializing in a comprehensive range of services, Air Pros can meet all your air conditioning needs. If you require emergency AC repair, you can reach us 24/7. Also, members of our annual maintenance plan save on repairs and routine service. To request AC or heating service in Colorado Springs, schedule your appointment online or call 877-561-9730.


When you need help with your home in Colorado Springs, call One Source Home Service. We will take care of anything and everything pertaining to your plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems so you can stay comfortable all year round. We don’t just come to fix your system. We do a home health check to make sure you are saving money and energy. We think outside of the box and utilize state of the art technology to check for leaks, energy loss and money-saving opportunities that will also add value to one of your most important investments – your home.

As one of the trusted names in the Colorado Springs area we also service former Climate Solutions, Wright Home Services and Advanced Heating & Air customers who were brought into the Air Pros family recently.