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Aeroseal Duct Sealing Services

A home’s ductwork is connected to the air conditioning system, just like veins and arteries are to a person’s heart. 

The heart pumps blood throughout the body to keep it healthy and functioning, while your AC system pumps air through ducts to maintain optimal temperatures inside the house. Likewise, the condition of your arteries and veins is crucial to your health, and so is the condition of your ducts to the health of your home’s atmosphere and the AC system.

A decrease in AC performance often leads people to rush for a replacement without considering the actual root cause, which may very well be the AC’s ductwork. If your ductwork isn’t sealed properly, your AC cannot operate as efficiently as it was designed to operate.

What is Aeroseal Duct Sealing?

Source: Comfort Institute. Based on Department of Energy Research and FL Energy Office Research Report: FSEC-CR-397-91 Degradation above is typical. Impact is up to 50% greater on AC performance if return air leakage is from a hot attic or attached garage. Impact is typically 50% to 100% greater on winter heating performance of a heat pump with electric resistance auxiliary heat.

What is Aeroseal Duct Sealing?

The combination of cutting-edge technology plus a simple and safe duct sealant formula.
Aeroseal’s smart technology finds the exact amount of leakage in your system and targets all the cracks and holes – even the ones you can’t see and can’t reach.

Our duct seal formula is safe, non-toxic and made of the same material that is found in chewing gum and baby pacifiers.

Best of all, our non-invasive process takes only a few hours, with little-to-no inconvenience nor clean-up needed.

Benefits of Aeroseal

The Aeroseal duct sealing services provided by Air Pros offer homeowners several benefits that make this form of duct sealing an essential component of air conditioning. Aeroseal enhances the following aspects of your home:

Improved Air Quality

If your home is always dusty, muggy, and stuffy, you may have a problem with your air ducts regardless of your efforts to resolve these issues. Aeroseal is the answer to these problems, as it will help block dust and allergens while eliminating excess moisture from the air. As a result, the collection of dust will decrease significantly. Aeroseal has been known to help relieve respiratory issues like allergies and asthma by preventing infiltration of unwanted airborne contaminants into the living space.

Improved AC Performance

All air conditioning equipment is evaluated and tested when it is built and all units have efficiency ratings (SEER) – the higher the number, the more efficient the unit is. But all efficiency ratings assume that the ductwork the system is attached to is perfect with zero leakage. It is not possible to achieve the designed efficiency of the AC when it is attached to existing, leaky ductwork in a home. This is why sealing your ductwork when you are purchasing a new AC is so critical. The largest source of energy consumption in your home is your HVAC system, which includes the ductwork. We also know that most duct systems leak between 25-40% - that means you are paying for air that is not being delivered to the rooms in your home.

Increased Comfort

In terms of comfort, one of the other HUGE benefits of Aeroseal is that by sealing up the leaks and cracks in the ducts, it is easier to control the humidity levels inside the home. And when it comes to comfort, humidity is a big difference maker! By sealing up tiny leaks and holes in the ductwork, we can prevent outside, unconditioned, humid air from being drawn into the home and putting an increased burden on the HVAC equipment. HVAC systems are designed to remove a limited amount of water from the air each day and duct leakage causes more water to be introduced; this additional water (humidity) can make it impossible to create optimal comfort in a home because the HVAC system is unable to dehumidify efficiently or effectively.

Lower Energy Bills

Less air leakage will also affect your energy bills in a positive way. The Aerosealed ducts will allow your air conditioning system to use less energy to cool or warm your air because it will no longer compete with air leaks. Most homeowners benefit from up to 30% savings on their utility bills. These savings will also positively impact the planet's health by using less energy than necessary for air conditioning. For every home sealed, it is the equivalent of planting 50 trees.

Does My Home Need Aeroseal Duct Sealing Services?

So what are the signs that your home is in need of Aeroseal duct services? As you consider this service for your home, think about the following questions:

If you answered yes to these questions, you must consider Aeroseal duct services as an option to resolve these issues.

Are You Thinking About Getting a New Air Conditioning Unit?

If you’re getting a new air conditioning unit for your home, it is a good idea to have your ductwork sealed with Aeroseal. When the ductwork is sealed your AC will perform better, with less energy consumption, lower energy bills and increased comfort.

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