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Orlando AC Repair Company

When your home HVAC system isn’t working like it should, don’t wait to call an AC repair company. Air Pros will fix it fast and avoid bigger problems. Orlando is known for destinations such as Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando where you’ll find attractions such as Universal CityWalk and Wizarding World of Harry Potter. But those who live here are more concerned about their AC—and we’ll ensure you get the most out of it. 

Orlando AC Repair Company

When your home HVAC system isn’t working like it should, don’t wait to call an AC repair company. Air Pros will fix it fast and avoid bigger problems. Orlando is known for destinations such as Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando where you’ll find attractions such as Universal CityWalk and Wizarding World of Harry Potter. But those who live here are more concerned about their AC—and we’ll ensure you get the most out of it. 


6421 Pine Castle Blvd, Suite 2, Orlando FL 32809

Air Pros: The Contractor to Call for AC Repair in Orlando

If your air conditioner starts to malfunction, your home won’t be cool enough. We know how significant that is in Florida’s hot, humid climate. Neglecting to call for help can even lead to a breakdown. Call Air Pros as soon as there are signs of trouble. Our team is prompt and effective at restoring the performance and efficiency of your AC system.

Orlando, FL’s Leading AC Service Company

Air Pros is a full-service residential HVAC company. Our technicians are trained in all types of HVAC repair and use the latest tools, equipment, and methods to get the job done right. We service homes throughout Orlando and the entire area, including Kissimmee, Winter Park, Pine Hills, Oak Ridge, St. Cloud, Apopka, and Lake Mary.

In addition to air conditioning repair, we provide AC installation, tune-ups, and duct sealing. When done professionally and correctly, these services can prolong the lifespan of your system. Our technicians are licensed, trained, and qualified for the job. We even look to find the most practical and cost-effective repair solutions regardless of the type of unit or brand of AC you have.

AC Repair You Can Always Count On

Residential AC units are under high demand in the summer. The heavy workload can strain a system and cause a wide range of problems. We’re familiar with the warm temperatures that occur all year in the Sunshine State. Our team also knows how to find small problems, as the slightest of issues can impact performance and lead to issues with temperature, humidity, and air quality in your Florida home.

When repairs are needed, we don’t wait to fix the problem. Our technicians will perform AC service right away, as soon as they find the source of the issue. They can replace a filter, fix a leak, tighten a fan belt, or replace a damaged component so the unit will no longer be strained. Restoring your AC prevents even more damage and repair expenses, which is why we always recommend you call ASAP.

Get in Touch with Air Pros Today

Call Air Pros whenever you need HVAC repair in and around Orlando, FL. Our residential air conditioning and heating experts can fix any problem. Highly trained and experienced in AC repair, our technicians efficiently resolve any air conditioner performance issue.

Air Pros can address any AC problem and hires licensed professionals with a vast range of industry experience. Schedule AC service by calling today.

HVAC Services in Orlando, FL

AC Repair

Our AC repair service in Orlando, FL is backed by a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. We can fix your AC if it’s blowing warm air, a coil froze, or a filter or other component is clogged. All Air Pros technicians are NATE certified and service calls involving repairs are free to all local residents. 

AC Installation

We believe AC installation should be carefully planned so your unit will provide both comfort and efficiency. Financing is available to work within your budget. Technicians receive training through our internal program and install high-efficiency AC systems from Trane, Lennox, Rheem, Goodman, Ameristar, American Standard, and York. We also offer same-day installations.

Duct Cleaning

Proper duct cleaning can reduce the need for HVAC repair. Dust, dirt, and various other things can build up over time. This can affect air quality and make your AC work harder. Air Pros will take care of your ducts and seal and repair them when necessary.

HVAC Diagnostics/Tune Up

Every AC repair in Orlando comes with free diagnostic service. We offer competitive summer specials. Our goal is for your AC system to last. A complete tune up allows us to check for efficiency issues, clogs, dirt, loose parts and connections, low refrigerant, faulty fans, and other problems a leading AC repair company can easily fix.

Preventative Maintenance

An annual Preventative Maintenance Plan is available and includes 10% off AC repairs. Annual inspections, priority scheduling, and other perks are included as well. With routine care, Orlando, FL, homeowners can spend 20% less on running their HVAC system.

AC Repair/Installation Financing

When times are tough and you need HVAC service, take advantage of our competitive financing. Visit our financing page to see options from leading financial institutions. Perks include 0% down on new units. We also finance HVAC repairs. 

Why Air Pros Is Orlando’s Leading AC Repair Company

OrlandoFlorida Is Our Home

Air Pros is centrally located in Orlando and able to serve communities throughout South and Central Florida. Our reputation for fast, dependable AC repair, installation, and maintenance is known throughout the region. Customers around our home city are the first to receive service discounts, which demonstrates our full commitment to the community.

Life-Long Relationships with Customers Matter

From preventative maintenance to quickly and affordably completing each repair job, we strive to make sure every customer’s needs are met. Our technicians are careful to get every HVAC repair right. Providing homeowners with the greatest long-term value is important, as it lets us continually ensure their comfort, health, and safety.

Quality Service at an Affordable Price

Air Pros focuses on quality whether it’s the equipment we install or the results we achieve with every HVAC repair. We constantly work to achieve long-term savings for customers. And while our quality of service allows AC units to last longer, we are also competitive when it comes to pricing. This includes savings on equipment/installation and cost-saving deals and specials.

We’re Devoted to Serving Orlando, FL

We continue to build our clientele and sales in the Orlando area while expanding our reach. Air Pros is being recognized in more parts of Florida. But we remain focused on serving the community and providing the same level of AC service.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Listening to customer feedback has enabled us to succeed at being the leader in Orlando HVAC repair. We encourage clients to leave reviews after jobs are completed. Their feedback allows us to improve our services. We also “leave no customer behind.” This philosophy is the backbone of our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. When the customer has questions or concerns, our team always makes sure the job gets done right.

A Long History Serving Orlando

Air Pros has come a long way since our founding. We have expanded our territory, but remain true to our origins. Familiar with the challenges and concerns of customers in the Orlando area, we use that knowledge to follow through with high-quality HVAC repair and installation. If you need central AC installation, we’ll size the system and ensure it’s running properly, while the visit for any repair is free.

We’re Ready to Take on Any Repair Issue

Whether you have warm air blowing, an AC freezes, or starts making noise, our technicians are ready to fix it. We’re out in Orlando several times a day fixing customers’ air conditioners. Just call and tell our dispatcher your problem. We’ll immediately send out a repair crew.

Emergency AC Repair

Some central AC repairs cannot wait. Air Pros is an AC repair company that works fast; we offer same-day appointments and 24/7 emergency repair services. Rapid communication allows us to act efficiently. We employ the latest digital cloud-based systems to be as fast and reliable as possible.

Freon Leak Repair

A refrigerant leak can seriously damage your AC and endanger your safety. The signs of a leak can be subtle. But our diagnostic AC service lets us find a leak or crack wherever it is and fix it fast. Our organization is focused on rapidly resolving such matters and other common issues.

Schedule HVAC Repair in Orlando, FL

Headquartered in Orlando, FL, we’re ready to reach your home fast and get your AC unit running again. If your system isn’t blowing, drain lines are backing up, or the AC won’t turn on, our NATE certified techs will diagnose and repair it quickly.

AC Services In Dallas, TX


Backed by a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, our AC Repair Service in Orlando, FL, offer affordable pricing and quality workmanship. Our NATE certified team can fix clogged AC units, units blowing warm air, and frozen AC units. Orlando, FL AC repair is the headquarters for our organization and we are proud to offer local residents free service calls with any air conditioning repair.


Orlando, FL AC Installs need not be exorbitantly expensive or poorly executed. We have strong internal training program and attractive financing rates to install any SEER-rated system including Rheem, Trane, Goodman, Lennox, America Standard, Ameristar and York. Same day AC installations are possible, and we offer ancillary preventive maintenance plans. Try us out!


Take care of your Air Handler Ducts by leveraging our Duct Cleaning Services in Orlando, FL. Great value when ordered in bulk. Try us out out Orlando, FL homeowners.


If your central AC is already running smoothly then leverage our AC Tune Up or Free Diagnostic with any AC Repair. Our summer specials are priced competitively and it’s a great way to get extra mileage out of your central AC unit. Our AC diagnostics will go a long way to saving you cash over the long term.


What if we told you, Orlando, FL residents get 10% of any AC Repair when an annual Preventive Maintenance Plan is ordered. In addition, these annual home inspections give you priority in our scheduling queue and additional discounts of any parts order. Orlando, FL homeowners can save up 20% in annual running costs with our AC Preventive Maintenance plans.


Financing for Orlando, FL AC repair & installs is available to you right now. If times are tough take advantage of 0% down on new units or simply visit our financing link to get some help fixing your central air conditioning unit.

Why Air Pros Rules Orlando, FL


That’s right. We are born and bred in Orlando, FL with a strong reputation for quick, reliable AC services that are now reaching into other areas of South & Central Florida. We have strong ties to the community and will also do our best to offer new AC service discounts to Orlando, FL homeowners first.


Our top priority is to make sure each Orlando, FL AC repair job is done right, quickly and affordably. In particular we put a strong emphasis on our preventive maintenance plans as we believe this gives Orlando, FL homeowners the greatest long-term value. It also means we build a life-long relationship with our customers which is important in our community.


Some of our AC service specials are the lowest in Orlando, FL. However, we prefer not to only compete on price. We believe a strong focus on quality will ensure you extract long-term savings for your central AC system and also allow you to run it longer before a new unit is required. This interaction of short-term and long-term savings is unique feature of our company in Orlando, FL.


While we have been expanding rapidly, we continue to generate new customers and sales through our base in Orlando, FL. Our success is dependent on our good reputation in the Orlando, FL Community. For this reason AC repair in Orlando, FL is our top focus and will remain that way for the entire lifespan of Air Pros.


A key ingredient to our success in AC Repair Services in Orlando, FL is to make sure we always listen to our customer feedback after a job is completed. This review process allows us to improve our repair & installation offerings. This process led to the creation of the 100% Customer Satisfaction Gaurantee designed to “leave no customer behind.” We will always find a way to make sure the job gets done to your satisfaction.


Our first year in business was built on servicing AC repair calls in Orlando, FL. As such we understand your unique challenges, concerns and desires when it comes to both repairing & installing central AC systems. Ask about our Free Service With Any AC Repair in Orlando, FL!


Several times per day we help Orlando, FL residents by fixing units that blow warm air or become frozen. Call our AC dispatcher to describe your problem and we would be happy to help.


If your central air unit needs to be fixed asap, we can provide same-day appointments for emergency AC Repair. All our operations are digital and plugged into the HVAC cloud which means we do things quickly and reliably.


If your unit is leaking refrigerant or freon, we can run a diagnostics on your central ac system to establish the problem. Orlando, FL AC repair is a strong focus in our organization and identifying leaks or cracks in your AC unit is a common task we perform.


We are headquartered in Orlando, FL, and welcome the opportunity to repair your AC unit. Whether your unit blows warm air, your central AC is frozen, or the drain lines are backed up we can help repair it quickly using our NATE certified techs.

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Prevent AC Issues

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AC Install

Our Promise

We are fanatically committed to make your AC service tech call as professional, affordable and pleasant as possible in Dallas, TX.  We hope to keep you as a customer for life!

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