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Air Pros: The Trusted Source of AC Repair, Installation, and Maintenance in Thibodaux

Air Pros is ready to provide the service you need whether it’s AC repair in Thibodaux, Metairie, Houma, Kenner, Laplace, or other nearby communities. You don’t ever want to be without air conditioning in Louisiana’s summer heat. But breakdowns and other problems happen at the worst times. 

We are open 24/7 to provide prompt AC repair, day or night. Our technicians are trained and licensed to fix any air conditioner problem. No matter the issue, or the type, make, or model you have, they can diagnose the cause and get your AC running again, while being efficient, professional, and courteous.

Service Built on Decades of Expertise

Air Pros was founded by experts in the HVAC industry. We continue to follow solid principles and a strong work ethic. Our employees have a work environment that is safe and conducive to learning and growing. In fact, they’re encouraged to advance their knowledge and expertise as a team, making them more effective at solving problems big or small. Thibodaux, LA, customers can have faith we’ll do everything we can to ensure their AC problems are fixed before we leave.

Is Your AC in Need of Repair?

It’s important to know when to call for AC repair in Thibodaux. Most problems start small with subtle signs. The sooner you call, the more likely we can avoid larger, more expensive problems. Signs you need air conditioner repair include:

  • It’s Not Cool: If your AC is on and your home isn’t cool, or warm air is blowing, it’s wasting a lot of energy. 
  • Low Airflow: An air duct blockage or compressor problem can reduce airflow; a careful evaluation can determine the exact reason.
  • Noise: An air conditioner should not make squealing, screeching, grinding, whistling, rattling, or grating sounds.
  • Odors: Burning smells can mean wire insulation has melted and conductors are exposed. If there’s a musty odor, mold may be growing in the system.
  • Leaks: A blocked drain can lead to water damage and rust; leaking refrigerant can be very dangerous to your health.
  • Higher Bills: Failing parts, duct leaks, or low refrigerant can cause your AC to work harder and use more energy.

What We Fix

When it comes to AC repair, we have everything covered, including:

  • Dirty & Clogged Filters
  • Faulty Thermostats
  • Leaky Refrigerant Lines
  • Dirty Condenser Coils
  • Damaged Capacitors
  • Worn Contactors
  • Broken Fans
  • Failed Compressors
  • Failed Evaporators
  • Failed Circuit Boards

…and much more.

What Does AC Repair Cost?

The cost of fixing your AC depends on the model, underlying problem, its age, price of parts, and labor. It’s always great if your AC is under warranty, as this will save a lot. We also offer financing and maintenance plans to our Thibodaux customers. Regardless of the type of repair needed, we’ll provide an honest, fair estimate.

Call Air Pros

In Thibodaux, clients rely on us for AC & heating services year-round. Whether there’s a change in how your AC runs or it suddenly breaks down, we’re here 24/7. Reach out to us online or call 844-605-1919 to schedule air conditioner repair.