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Top Tips for Extending the Lifespan of Your Air Conditioner

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Most people will readily agree that having an air conditioning system inside the home is an incredible convenience that is hard to live without. Many will also agree that replacing an air conditioner is one of the most expensive upgrades in the home. Thus, extending its lifespan is a high priority for those who want to avoid paying high AC replacement costs. As one of the top experts in repairing air conditioners, we have compiled a list of tips for extending your AC’s lifespan below. 

Factors that Affect the AC’s Longevity

Depending on the manufacturer, most air conditioning units are designed to last between 15 to 20 years. So how do you get the maximum of this lifespan? Follow our tips below, and by doing so, you will avoid a possible early replacement of your air conditioning system. 

Regular Maintenance

First and foremost, keep up with regular maintenance visits. These visits consist of the following tasks performed by the technician: 

  • A thorough inspection of the entire unit
  • Possible repairing of the AC, if needed
  • Cleaning and lubrication of all moving parts
  • Cleaning and inspection of the ductwork
  • Replacement of air filters
  • Refilling of the refrigerant fluid levels, if needed

Keeping up with these maintenance visits at least once a year will decrease the need for repairing the AC and replacing it before its 15-year mark. 

Keep the Area Around the Outdoor Unit Clear

Another good habit to get into that will significantly extend the lifespan of your AC is to keep the area around the outdoor unit clear. Ensure that debris, vegetation, and other objects around the unit are at least 2-3 feet away. This will ensure that the unit will get the proper ventilation it needs to operate efficiently. 

Clean the Condenser Coils 

The condenser coils within a unit are responsible for transferring heat from the indoor air to the outside environment. These coils must be periodically cleaned to ensure that they continue playing their essential part in the cooling process. When they accumulate dust and grime, the efficiency of the compressor will go down and may even cause you to consider repairing the air conditioner

Change Air Filters

You will greatly maximize the life of your AC simply by cleaning your air filters at least every 4-6 weeks. Doing so is very important for several reasons: 

  • Maintains good air quality
  • Enhances the efficiency of the system
  • Helps minimize energy consumption

Optimize Thermostat Settings 

Set your thermostat at an energy-efficient temperature and avoid drastic temperature fluctuations. If you’re away from home, consider using a programmable or smart thermostat to adjust the temperature automatically. This helps reduce unnecessary strain on the system and saves energy.

Use Ceiling Fans

Using ceiling fans will help your air conditioning unit to circulate the air throughout the home, allowing it to cool down faster. As a result, the AC will not have to work as hard to create the needed temperatures inside. This decreased workload will extend the unit’s lifespan and reduce the need for repairing the AC as often. 

Protect from Direct Sunlight

It is also important that the AC unit is installed out of view of direct sunlight because the sun’s temperatures will cause the unit to work harder. Protect your air conditioner from direct sunlight using shades, blinds, or an awning. This will help maintain a cool environment for the AC and ease its strain. 

Avoid Overworking the Systems

Lastly, we warn our customers against overworking their air conditioning units. Give the AC a break, especially when the temperatures outside are bearable. Make use of your ceiling fans and keep the windows and doors closed during the operation of your unit. Doing these things will help you keep the AC from overworking, resulting in its long lifespan. 

Do You Need Help Repairing the Air Conditioner?

If your AC needs repair, you can trust the leading experts at Air Pros to restore your unit back to order. Call us today at (754) 240-9449 for a prompt and efficient repair service for your AC.


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