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Our #SummerSolstice AC Maintenance Tips To Save you Money and Aggravation.

With the #SummerSolstice fast approaching here are #AirPros top suggestions to keep your Air Conditioning Unit running in tip top condition which of courses means lower costs and cleaner, colder air for all our hardworking Floridians! 

1. Yes, I Checked The AC #AirFilter!

Now is the time to check your AC Air Filter since summer months put extreme loads on your aging AC install.  

While three months is the absolute maximum amount of time you should switch out the air filter we suggest you inspect monthly and replace sooner.  Checking for contaminants and debris build up will keep your AC in happy shape.   

Have you ordered new air filters? Not sure what size? contact us online – we offer air filters as part of our preventive maintenance plan,

2.  Let your AC Vent

Are any of your AC vents blocked or shut?  All registers and return air grilles should remain open to ensure optimal AC efficiency.  Restricting AC airflow leads to performance issues and ultimately overheating.   This overload can cause serious long-term damage to your unit so please check these vents now!

 3.  Don’t Let That Masterpiece Painting Block The View!

Please make you have not unintentionally blocked the vents with furniture items or a painting.  If you’re concerned that you do not want to push cold air to unused parts of your home, please don’t shut more than 20% of the HVAC vents.  Air needs to flow! Just a reminder that a carefully installed and configured AC zoning system will allow long-term energy optimization and savings.  This is an often-overlooked preventive maintenance item and Air Pros is always available if you need one of our HVAC technicians to come around and do an install in your home or business.   Yes, we do both residential and commercial AC repair, install and maintenance.

4.  Is Nature Getting In The Way Of Your AC Cooling Unit?

This is a big one! Is there any grass, dirt, branches or other of nature’s mischievous items which is blocking or obscuring your exterior cooling equipment?   Go take a quick look!   If necessary brush these items away and trim any unnecessary vegetation, this TINY step could save you thousands of dollars over the years. Again, as stated in an earlier point, do not block your cooling unit with any outside furniture as this will negate the unit’s load balancing and cooling performance.

5. Don’t Block The Suez Canal! 

You don’t know how often our Air pros are called out to blow out blocked drain lines.  You can solve so many future problems if you regularly inspect your AC cooling system’s drip pans and condensate drain lines for any blockages or clogging.  

Nobody enjoys calling in an AC Repair team so a little work on your part is really in your interests! 

You will be amazed what you can find if you cast a careful eye for any mold or algae build up that can restrict the condensation exit process.

However, before you do ANYTHING with regards the above turn off the system power for safety reasons. 

Then go ahead clear any clogs or build up in the condensate drain lines.

We also suggest you use a wet/dry vacuum to clear water from the drip pan. Alternatively, it’s also okay to use rags to soak up the excess.  Also go ahead and use mild soap to clean up this vital AC component Check. 


You are basically done with our #SummerSolstice AC tips.  You rock! 

We hope these Summer AC maintenance tips help.  If for any reason time is against you or you just don’t feel like the hassle of optimizing your AC unit for summer, consider signing up for our $59 AC Tune Up Special or an annual AC Preventive Maintenance Plan.

Since your AC system is in many respects the LUNGS of your home or business, try to inspect your unit every 30 days.  This will ensure a long operating life and lower operating costs.  Enjoy your Summer!

Days Left To Summer Solstice

Besides the first day you become our customer, Summer Solstice on June 22 is the most important date on our calendar as it usually coincides with some of the hottest temperatures on record.   If you have been putting off getting your AC repaired try to use the Summer Solstice as a day to jolt you into action.   

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