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How Does Freon Work?

The heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) industry is a world of its own, with its specialized terminology, tools, and processes. For those of us who are not versed in the HVAC industry, any discussion on this topic seem like foreign territory. However, any wise homeowner will take the time to sharpen their knowledge on some of the basic elements of their air conditioning unit. 

At Air Pros, we have decades of experience providing extensive HVAC service across multiple states. With the help of our wealth of knowledge and training, we broke down the importance and function of freon. Read on to learn more about this part of your AC. 

What Is Freon?

Freon is an essential part of your air conditioner’s ability to produce cool air. It is a form of a non-combustible gas and is often referred to as refrigerant. If you’ve ever heard a technician saying that an AC unit is low on refrigerant, they refer to the levels of freon available in the unit. Without it, the AC doesn’t work efficiently, if at all. Most often, freon comes in liquid or gas. The form required for your unit depends on the manufacturer. 

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Why Is Freon Important?

Freon can be compared to fuel for a car. Without fuel, the car will not drive. Similarly, without freon, the AC will not accomplish its purpose to cool your home. It has a unique ability of absorbing heat and turning into cool air. 

When it runs low or leaks out, you will quickly notice a difference in the temperatures of your home. It will be warmer and the air conditioning unit will be working harder, but with little results. You may also see an increase in your energy bills as a result of low levels of freon that cause poor efficiency. 

Without the appropriate refrigerant levels for a prolonged period of time, your AC will wear out quickly. This shortage will lead to the need for extra and often costly repairs. Not to mention, the early and expensive replacement of your entire unit. 

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How Freon Works?

Now that we’ve defined freon and discussed its importance, let’s talk about how it works. Freon ties together all the parts of your AC system as it flows through the compressor components to produce cold air. Its work begins with the condenser, which is the outside unit of the AC. It pulls in the outside air and pushes it through the coils. As the warm air travels, it is conditioned with the refrigerant and cooled. Then, that cooled air travels into the ducts and through your vents. As the air conditioning unit operates, the temperatures inside your home will gradually decrease. 

This process is a fairly quick one but is entirely dependent on the presence of freon fluids in the unit. Without it, the AC may work, but the air will not cool off.   

Can I Refill My Freon Myself?

Many homeowners choose to be as resourceful as possible and try to do some of the work around the house themselves. We don’t blame you, seeing as how much prices have gone up over the past year. Besides, how hard can it be to refill freon? Though many things around the house can be done on your own, we urge you to let the pros handle this one for you. 

In order to refill freon appropriately, a reading must be done to assess its current levels in the unit. Doing so requires special equipment and training to get the correct specs of the unit. An HVAC technician will be able to complete this safely and effortlessly. 

Though we don’t recommend refilling freon by yourself, there are other AC-related things you can DIY. Check out our guidelines for how to DIY a thermosat installation.

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