Factors That Affect the Cost of Your AC Installation

Factors That Affect the Cost of Your AC Installation

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You may have wondered how much an AC install will cost you. This is a common question we get fairly frequently at Air Pros when it is time for a new air conditioning system. The answer will ultimately depend on several factors. We discuss the top air conditioning installation cost-related factors and considerations below.

How Much Cooling Your Home Needs

If you have a cooling system that is improperly sized for your home, you may need AC repair much sooner than anticipated. For this reason, the first step that one of our technicians typically takes with a new installation is to perform a load calculation. This is an assessment of how much cooling your home needs based on related factors such as:

  1. Your home’s square footage
  2. Number of windows and doors in your home
  3. Whether or not you have made any recent or significant energy updates

It is also necessary to take a look at your current cooling system. This is done to determine if it was correctly sized in the first place and to narrow down your cooling options.

The Type of System You Prefer

Another factor that will affect the cost of an AC install is the type of system you prefer. Excluding window units, traditional central air conditioning systems tend to be more affordable than other common cooling system options, especially if you already have the existing ductwork. Other cooling system options and features to consider include:

  • Zoned systems
  • Packaged or “all-in-one” systems
  • Heat pumps that provide year-round comfort
  • A ductless system

When it comes to deciding which type of system you prefer, be sure to consider your personal comfort preferences and normal usage habits. In addition, the long-term savings potential is worth considering. A highly efficient unit, for instance, can pay for itself over time even if the initial investment is a bit higher.

The Efficiency

Seasonal energy efficiency ratio, or SEER, is a measure of an air conditioner’s energy efficiency. The lowest SEER rating that one can find with today’s commonly available models is 14, although you can opt for systems that go up to 20 SEER. The good news here is that if you go with a higher SEER rating, there is the potential, as mentioned above, for long-term savings due to the added efficiency. However, there will be a higher upfront cost for higher-rated systems.

Status of Your Current Ductwork

The cost of an air conditioning install can also be influenced by the status of your current ductwork. For instance, if your ducts are currently older and leaking or damaged in other ways, they will need to be properly repaired before you go forward with a new unit installation. Otherwise, your new system will have to work harder to distribute cooled air or even require immediate AC repair in Fort Myers, FL, from our team.

Get in Touch With Air Pros Today

When it is time for a new air conditioning installation, let Air Pros help you make a well-informed decision. We will discuss all the factors and options mentioned here with you during your initial consultation. Our team will also gladly direct you towards options that fit your needs and budget. Consult our team today to schedule your AC install in Fort Myers, FL, or in any of the areas that we serve.

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