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Reasons to Consider Replacing Your HVAC Today

Replacing Your HVAC

Have you been thinking about replacing your HVAC recently? If you’re still on the fence, this blog post is written specifically for you. At AirPros, we frequently meet clients, who are unsure of whether to pull the plug and finally buy that new AC unit they’ve needed for quite some time. As leading AC repair techs in Miami, we would like to provide you with some of the top reasons why you should consider replacing your unit today.

It’s Getting Old 

If your unit is between 18 to 25 years old, a possible replacement should be at the forefront of your thoughts. As the age of your AC unit comes closer to this timeframe, we recommend setting aside some funds that will eventually cover this replacement. 

You will know that your AC is getting up there in age not only by the manufacturer’s label, but also by some of the signs it will show. Some of these signs are frequent repairs, poor efficiency, poor indoor air quality, and loud noise. 

The best way to assess whether your unit is getting too to function is by contacting a local AC repair tech in Miami. They will be able to check your unit’s performance and let you know for sure the amount of time you have left with it.

Repairs Are Getting Too Frequent 

As we mentioned before, frequent AC repairs in Miami are usually a great sign that it is time to replace the unit. As the unit works hard to provide your home with the comfort that it requires, it will eventually wear out. Some of its parts will begin to break it down and cause you to contact a repair tech more frequently than before. 

There will come a point where it will be more cost-effective to replace the entire HVAC unit then to pay for more repairs down the line. If you feel that your HVAC’s repairs are becoming too frequent, contact one of our specialists to learn about the new units available to you.

Check out our blog on how to prolong the life of your current HVAC system. 

It Is Not Working Anymore 

The most obvious sign for an AC replacement that requires immediate action is when it just won’t work anymore. This is often the case with very old units that served the maximum time they could in their lifetime. All good things, including HVAC units, must come to an end. 

However, you can be better prepared for such an event if you invest in a regular maintenance service with your local AC repair tech in Miami. Check out our blog to learn about the plentiful benefits of AC maintenance.. However, you can be better prepared for such an event if you invest in a regular maintenance service with your local AC repair tech in Miami. Check out our website to learn about the plentiful benefits of AC maintenance.

Efficiency Standards Are Changing

Among the recent developments in the world of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning are changes in efficiency standards mandated by the Department of Energy. Most commonly known as SEER2, these requirements will go into effect January 1, 2023. SEER2 will change how HVAC systems are tested, in order to increase their efficiency. 

Though these increases, efficiency will eventually lead to better outcomes for our planet, and our energy bills, they will impact the cost of your air conditioning units that you purchase down the line. As is known, the higher the efficiency of the HVAC unit the higher it cost. 

However, the government will still allow the sale and installation of any remaining HVAC units made with the previous efficiency standards of SEER. If staying within budget is important to you and will play a role in your decision, we recommend taking the necessary steps to purchase your AC unit today. Do not delay your decision any longer if you want to save on initial purchasing costs. 

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