HVAC Maintenance in South and Central Florida


HVAC Maintenance

Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) maintenance for both residential and commercial homeowners in South & Central Florida is challenging due to several factors governing the health of a central air conditioning system: The unforgiving Summer climate, the age of the unit, and the ability or expertise of the HVAC contractor to correctly diagnose and fix broken air conditioning systems.

Maintaining HVAC Systems in Summer

Temperatures in South & Central Florida exceed 98 degrees Fahrenheit on occasion putting extreme pressure on central AC’s, especially when a home is not correctly sealed, or air leakage occurs. Older units, including Rheem, Trane and Goodman, while engineered extremely well, begin to show strain under these extremes which can lead to leaking systems, frozen systems or the most common reason for a HVAC service call: A central AC blowing warm air.

HVAC Maintenance Contractors

The pedigree of the HVAC contractor also plays a role in dealing with the first two issues. Incorrectly or inadequately trained service technicians may exacerbate the issue which leads to further call backs and additional issues with the air handler, compressor and drain lines, just to name a few.

Ask About Maintenance Plans

However, more robust and streamlined HVAC operators have evolved to offer a range of annual preventive HVAC plans that help mitigate some of the issues described above. This allows a quicker response time for HVAC maintenance calls since the contract assigns the homeowner a priority position in the scheduling system. Further 10% discounts on HVAC repairs also give the customer financial assistance and ultimately combine to offer HVAC units a longer equipment life, improved efficiencies and lower utility bills. These benefits – wrapped up in a reliable HVAC maintenance plan – are a boon to homeowners in Florida who often ignore problems with their central AC until a major problem manifests itself.

The best in breed HVAC maintenance plans are designed to offer both strategic and tactical value, especially as homes evolve towards more complex configurations that are often term ‘smart’ homes. The HVAC service plans will target several areas inside and outside the home, including the air handler and compressor. HVAC inspection teams will carefully diagnose condenser coils, evaporator coils and blower assemblies for worn our parts or cracks in the system.

If necessary, capacitors and contactors will be replaced. These HVAC electrical build-outs are part of a long-term plan to keep the central AC in peak operating conditions, especially during the summer months. Further checks will be done on the heat exchangers, pilot assemblies and strip heaters. If the unit is clogged or the air filters dirty, the HVAC service technician will apply the correct AC repair to ensure the unit does break down. The service tech will also review thermostat settings and the general health of the equipment cabinet. Refrigerant levels, including Freon, will be checked to ensure the unit is not leaking or a possible contributor towards a so-called “frozen unit.”

Running Maintenance Diagnostics
In addition to diagnosing and repairing the indoor and outdoor components (relevant to the particular HVAC maintenance plan), the contractor will run tests on the Air Duct Handling components to ensure its electrical assemblies are operating correctly. This includes checking voltage, amperage, refrigerant charges, airflow and condensation drains.

When these checks and HVAC diagnostics are done correctly, regularly and consistently under one-year or two-year maintenance plans, the homeowner can expect to cut his annual running costs by up to 10-20% per year.




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