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Hurricane Season: Protecting Your Fort Worth, TX, Home and AC System

Protect Your Dallas Home and AC System from Hurricanes this Season | Air Pros

"Extremely active" is how the Old Farmers' Almanac described the 2020 hurricane season, which continues into November. This is why now is the perfect time to benefit from Air Pros' Summer Storm Package. It's a cost-effective way to reduce your risk of needing AC replacement in Fort Worth, TX, following a severe storm. 

Let us discuss some specific steps you can take to protect your home’s air conditioning system from storm damage.

Add Surge Protection to Your Home

A common reason for AC replacement following a hurricane or other severe storm is a sudden rush of power called a surge, which can be up to thousands of extra volts. What this can do to your current air conditioning system is fry internal wiring that controls the compressor and other essential parts. Surge protection can prevent excess power from damaging your unit. This is exactly what you'll get with our Summer Storm Package.

Turn Off the Breaker for Your AC System

Further reduce the risk of damaging your air conditioning unit during a severe storm in Fort Worth, TX, by turning off the breaker that feeds your unit. Do this as soon as there is a severe storm alert or hurricane warning in effect for your area. Even if you have surge protection, this extra step can further ensure your system isn't damaged from storm-related electrical issues.

Physically Secure Your Outside Unit

Hurricanes can produce winds that range from 75 mph to hundreds of miles per hour. High winds can also occur during severe seasonal storms that aren't hurricanes. This is why it can be helpful to make sure the outside unit for your air conditioning system is secure. One way do this is with what's called a security ball that's attached by a strong chain to your unit. If your unit is on a concrete slab, check to see that it's firmly in place. In addition, cover the outside unit when you know a storm may be coming to keep debris from getting in.

Have Your System Checked Before Seasonal Storms

If you ignore signs suggesting it's time for AC repair in Fort Worth, TX, your system will be more susceptible to storm-related damage. Mitigate this risk by scheduling a routine inspection prior to the start of the hurricane season. We offer convenient annual maintenance plans that can help you achieve this goal in a way that's budget-friendly and convenient.

Get Added Protection from Our Summer Storm Package

Ensure your peace of mind by keeping the tips mentioned above in mind during hurricane season. Also, talk to an Air Pros representative about our Summer Storm Package. The added surge protection alone can mean fewer AC repair emergencies as you clean up after a storm. It also comes with a warranty!

Contact our team today about storm prep, AC repair in Fort Worth, TX, or any of the other top-notice comfort services we offer.

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