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Common AC Challenges in the Summer

Air conditioning systems are lifesavers during the hot summer months, and seeing as we’re heading into a new season of warmth and sunshine, we at Air Pros want to help you prepare for the heat by ensuring that your AC unit is in tip-top shape. After all, air conditioning systems are mechanical units that tend to develop an array of issues that must be repaired. In this blog, we will go over some of the most common AC repairs that occur over the summer months. 

When Summer AC Repairs are Needed

Most AC issues go unnoticed until it is sweltering hot outside and your AC isn’t working as it should. If you’re wondering if you should call a technician for assistance, consider the following issues that always require emergency AC repair services for summer.

Inadequate Cooling

Nothing is as frustrating as dealing with an AC that is not producing enough cool air in the home. Inadequate cooling can be explained by various things, such as clogged air filters, a faulty thermostat, or an improperly sized system. 

Your AC repair tech will also be sure to check the condition of your air ducts. Leaky ductwork causes air to escape in all the wrong places, which creates inconsistent temperatures. 

Airflow Issues

Sometimes your air conditioning system may seem to be working, but you won’t feel much air coming through the vents. If you contact summer AC repair techs to investigate the issue, they will most likely check the condition of your air filters first. Air filters collect a lot of debris, preventing the air from flowing properly. They will also inspect the blower motor to ensure that it is properly secured in its place and ensure that your ductwork doesn’t have any cracks or gaps. 

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant fluid is a chemical substance that flows through the AC coils to cool the hot air absorbed by the unit. If the unit doesn’t have adequate levels of refrigerant fluid, the AC’s efficiency will go down, which will hurt its ability to cool the home properly. Leaky coils normally cause low refrigerant levels. If you notice any puddles around your AC or smell a strong chemical odor, you may have a refrigerant fluid leak. We recommend contacting emergency AC repair services for summer repairs to ensure the leak is repaired correctly. Refrigerant fluid is very toxic and can cause health problems for anyone who comes into contact with it. 

Condenser Unit Problems

Sometimes the condenser unit can develop problems that will cause it to malfunction, leading to reduced cooling performance. Examples of such problems include dirty or clogged coils, fan malfunctions, electrical problems, and improper placement. To avoid these issues, we recommend having a professional install your air conditioning. Also, keep up with maintenance services and make sure the area around the condenser is clear of any debris, toys, and outdoor equipment as they can all hurt the function of the AC. 

Electrical Problems 

AC units include electrical components that, if broken, can greatly impact the unit’s function.  Faulty wiring or worn-out parts can all lead to the poor function of an AC unit, which will affect how it cools your home. 

Thermostat Issues

Thermostats can also create problems with your air conditioning. If the thermostat is old, it may have faulty parts that cause poor temperature regulation. Things like worn-out batteries can cause the thermostat to stop working altogether, which will cause the entire AC to shut down as well. 

Lack of Maintenance

Lastly, if your air conditioner isn’t properly maintained, it will regularly have issues. A professional must periodically check and tune up expensive electric equipment like air conditioners.  When you keep up with maintenance, your tech can catch repairs in their early stages and make the necessary adjustments before they grow into bigger problems. 

Local Summer Air Conditioning Repair Company 

Is your AC ready to serve you all summer long? Have it checked by a local AC repair tech to ensure that it’s in its optimal state. Give us a call today to schedule a repair or maintenance visit at (866) 579-1141.


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