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Boca Raton AC Repair Reaches for World Class Status

Many of us living in South Florida call Boca the Social Capital of America, offering elevated levels of living standards that compel Boca Raton AC Repair Contractors to reach higher standards of service guarantees that match the world class status of this iconic city.

While Hollywood stars and sporting legends continue to make Boca their home, there is also the frustration of servicing Architectural Digest homes with reliable air conditioning services to keep Central Air Units running smoothly.  Returning home from a great shopping mall experience (usually nicely cooled) to a warm, uncomfortable home is real threat during the hot summer months.   The sense of community that Boca Raton enjoys starts with a comfortable home live and cool, clean air must be a top priority.

Nobody likes to expend money and time on home improvement, if the indoor environment and air quality take away from the plush interiors and luxurious living. This also applies to more humble abodes in the Boca Raton peninsular, which take advantage of location and circumstance to fully enjoy South Florida.

We feel pretty sure that one-time resident of Boca Raton, Paul Newman, would agree with the sentiments expressed above. 

Paul Newman has previously lived in Boca Raton. Surely a cool guy like Paul would have demanded cool, cold air for his home?

Choosing the right HVAC contractor is thus a challenging but not impossible exercise. We have provided some guidelines on how to choose AC repairers in Boca Raton and will continue to do so in the future.   

We have a strong internal motto within Air Pros:

Focus on quality workmanship, reasonable pricing and building a lifetime relationship with residential homeowners in Boca Raton. 

We learned this the hard way as an HVAC contractor startup.  It’s much easier to keep a happy client than to go out and get a new wary one whose had a frustrating AC Repair service in Boca Raton in the past.   

So let’s drill down into these three areas to show you how meet these lofty goals and maintain a growing list of A+ clients in Boca Raton.

Quality Workmanship

One of the key steps in this process is to ensure we reduce call backs from customers to ZERO in Boca Raton. This can only be achieved by ensuring AC Service Technicians correctly diagnose, fix and review any agreed upon work outlined in the Central AC Service Estimate.   By giving the Boca Raton homeowner a clear flightpath in the initial estimate and correctly fixing an air handler, condensing unit or evaporator coil – in fact, anything – we ensure the work is done correctly which results in a happy client. 

This also requires a high level of internal training to meet and exceed industry standards. By default all our technicians are NATE Certified.  However, we also conduct internal training programs and monthly reviews to ensure they meet the standards we feel are necessary to adequately serve demanding homeowners in Boca Raton.

Reasonable Pricing

While our prices are not always the lowest, they are attractive.   We offer additional incentives via our Summer Air Conditioning Tune Ups which prove highly popular with Boca Raton clientele.  Other incentives, like our newly released financing plans offer additional homeowner help and can be purposed towards both repairs (or purchasing and installing a new central AC system).   Also ask about our Free Diagnostic With Any AC Repair which is another great way to get the most mileage out of any AC service visit in Boca Raton. 

Lifetime Customers

This is probably the most important ingredient in our success. We sincerely believe that our best customers are our most loyal ones.  By pairing a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantees with the best features of our annual preventive maintenance plans means we can offer an extremely high level of service that makes it very hard to leave us for another HVAC company near YOU.  These HVAC maintenance agreements are loaded with value including 10% off any AC Repair in Boca Raton PLUS priority assignment in our digital scheduling system.   

Importantly they also offer long term savings by keeping your central AC in peak condition while also lowering annual energy costs. In the future, we may offer Home Warranty Programs which reflect the experience and relationships we have built up in our industry.

This triple whammy described above is making Air Pros a leader in AC Repair Services in Boca Raton and we continue to refine, tweak and enhance our approach to helping homeowners enjoy higher levels of home comfort along with affordability.  A lot of what described is not rocket science but many of our competitors fail to reach these goals day in and day out. 

Our competitive advantage lies in starting each day with the mentality that we MAY lose you as a customer for life if we do not fanatically improve our customer service standards and implement new, better procedures to service AC repair calls in Boca Raton.

This the world we have created for ourselves internally within Air Pros and we believe it’s the magic ingredient that makes us the best at what we do in your area.

Welcome to Air Pros, Boca Raton!


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