What Do the Indoor and Outdoor Units of Your Central AC Unit Do?

Home » What Do the Indoor and Outdoor Units of Your Central AC Unit Do?

Home » What Do the Indoor and Outdoor Units of Your Central AC Unit Do?

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As a home or business owner getting a new AC installation, you should understand how an air conditioning system works because you need to keep your home cool in the summer. Knowing about the indoor and outdoor components of your AC system will help you spot potential problems earlier and help you find ways to keep your cooling costs down. Air Pros is an AC repair company that can help you accomplish those two things.

The Basic Concept of How Your AC System Works

You need to have a basic idea of how an air conditioning system works so that you’ll better understand if you need to call for an AC repair. Since we feel cold air coming inside through the registers when the air conditioner is on, you might think of the process like adding cold air. In reality, your system is actually responsible for taking the heat out of your home.

Think about what heat is; it’s the presence of energy. Basically, the air conditioning takes the energy, which you will feel as heat, out of the air. And when you feel cool air coming in through the registers, it’s because the heat and moisture was just taken out of it. Most AC systems rely on an indoor and an outdoor unit to accomplish this process.

Indoor Unit

The indoor unit will usually be located inside of a closet or the basement. If you know where your furnace is located, you should also know the location of the indoor unit. Inside, there will be a condenser coil with Freon, which is a type of refrigerant, inside of the box. This is what actually cools the air by drawing out heat and moisture from the air inside your home, and you’ll occasionally need an AC maintenance appointment to replace the Freon.

Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit will typically be on a slab of concrete. This unit is where the heat is expelled from the house. After the indoor unit pulls the heat and moisture from the air inside your home, it transfers the heat via the refrigerant to the outdoor unit. The compressor has the job of continually moving the refrigerant so that the AC system can continually reuse it.

Once the refrigerant with the heat from your home is in the outdoor unit, a fan blows to cool the refrigerant more quickly. Once the refrigerant is cooled by the fan, it is then pumped back to the indoor AC unit so that it can once again start the process of pulling heat and moisture out of your home. If any of the parts malfunctions, you’ll need an AC repair from the Air Pros team.

Keeping your home cool and comfortable throughout the summer months is a priority for you. If you think that there’s something wrong with your indoor or outdoor unit, take a look at the services that we offer here at Air Pros. Give us a call or fill out the online form. We can do AC maintenance and repair so that your home is cool and comfortable again.


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