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Valentine's Day Tuneup Giveaway


Love is in the air! But is your heater/air conditioning unit feeling the love after a cold winter season? Air Pros USA, one of the country’s fastest growing residential home service companies, is offering a free winter HVAC tune-up to homeowners who share a short, heartwarming message or story about why they love a member of their household.

“Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to remember the little things and give extra attention to the people you love, as well as the appliances that we sometimes take for granted,” said Anthony Perera, founder of Air Pros USA. “We’re excited to offer a fun giveaway that sparks special memories and enhances the comfort inside our customer’s homes.”

As part of the “Love is in the Air” giveaway, any Dallas, Ocala, Fort Myers, or Atlanta area homeowner can submit a short message or story describing why they love their spouse, partner, children, or even pet by filling out the short application here. The deadline to submit a story is Thursday, February 10th at 5 p.m. Up to 25 submissions in each city will be accepted.

During the winter, problems with HVAC units can go undetected, making routine maintenance checks essential to their longevity. Failing to maintain a unit becomes evident as temperatures begin to rise in the spring and summer, when potential hazards could result in expensive repairs or require a full replacement.

For more information on how homeowners can keep HVAC units clean and enter the “Love is in the Air” giveaway, click here.

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