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Common Reasons for Furnace Repair

Sometimes the reasons to call a furnace repair technician are obvious, and at other times it’s not. It would be wise for every homeowner to pay attention to the signs and symptoms of their HVAC system for possible repairs. To better support you in maintaining optimal comfort levels of your home, we outlined six common reasons for furnace repair

Basic Wear And Tear

The older your furnace is, the higher chances of needed repairs. Certain parts may break down and require replacement or fixing. A great example of this is a clogged filter, air duct, or a dirty blow motor. Sometimes, belts loosen or come off and require attention. After heavy use, these parts do need cleaning or replacement to ensure clean air and efficient energy use. Basic wear and tear is one of the many, valid reasons for having a regular heating maintenance check

Ignition/Pilot Woes

Ignition woes tend to be dreadful to any homeowner, and rightfully so. When there are problems with the ignition or pilot of the filter, the furnace will have a hard time powering on. Here are the causes of ignition problems requiring furnace repair

  • Thermostat requires to be reset
  • Circuit breaker may be overloaded
  • No gas supply to the furnace
  • Ignition sensor broke down
  • Gas mixture is low or needs adjustment

We don’t recommend exploring this problem on your own. Instead, contact Air Pros who will send over their skilled furnace repair techs to solve the problem for you. Our techs are trained to resolve this problem in the quickest and safest manner possible.

Thermostat Problems

Thermostat problems are responsible for many interruptions in the operation of the heating and air conditioning systems. These problems can range from a simple battery replacement, miscalibration, or even a total failure. Regardless of the challenge, a visit from furnace repair tech may be warranted to narrow down the problem. To reduce the instances of thermostat issues, we recommend programmable thermostats, which are the reliable and energy efficient thermostats that will power your HVAC with minimal hiccups. 

Your Pilot Light Is Malfunctioning

Pilot lights are part of gas furnaces. If the furnace is operating, you will see a flame in the furnace. Sometimes, this light fails to ignite and prevents the furnace from producing heat. These failures are caused by any of the following: 

  • Continuous drafts that cause the pilot light to blow out over time
  • Malfunctioning thermocouple
  • Dirty HVAC parts may cause the light to reduce or go out completely
  • Not enough oxygen supply which will cause the light to turn yellow or orange

While there are resources online on how to light a furnace pilot light, it is best to contact a furnace repair service to ensure a seamless and thorough solution to this problem. 

Your Furnace Is Just Old

As with anything in life, all good things must come to an end and that includes old furnaces. When your furnace repairs are becoming excessive and costly, and if it has been in your home for some time, it is time to replace it. When shopping for a new furnace, Energy Saver saver recommends the following considerations: 

  • Look for the ENERGY Star label that symbolizes energy-efficient furnaces and boilers that will save energy and costs in the long run.
  • Add insulation or energy-efficient windows to improve the energy efficiency of your home.
  • Be on the lookout for a sealed combustion furnace which will exhaust harmful gasses to the outside

The considerations can be further explored with your furnace repair tech from Air Pros who can give specific advice tailored to your home. 

Are You Having Problems With Your Furnace?

Whether you are experiencing any of these challenges with your furnace, or are in need of a simple maintenance check, Air Pros furnace repair technicians are just a phone call away. We offer the best and efficient service for your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning needs throughout Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, Colorado, and Washington. Call us today at (754) 240-9449 or schedule a service by visiting our website. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining or shining, we’re available seven days a week.


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