Common Problems with Refrigerant Lines

Common Problems with Refrigerant Lines

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The air conditioning system is a complex and robust machine built with many parts. Whenever any component of an AC unit fails, it will affect the entire system. Sometimes, broken AC parts lead to poor efficiency, and other times, it causes the whole unit to stop working.  

As the top AC repair techs in Boca Raton, Broward County, and Boynton Beach for decades, we’ve had just about every AC disaster that results from a broken part. Most commonly, we deal with poorly functioning refrigerant lines, specifically when they are leaking. This article will discuss the causes of refrigerant line leaks and what you should do about them. 

What Are Refrigerant Lines?

When you look inside your outdoor unit, you will find two copper lines known as refrigerant lines. Their role is to convert refrigerant fluid from liquid to gas to cool the hot air before releasing it back into the home. During a maintenance visit, an AC repair tech in Boca Raton will ensure that these lines have the levels of refrigerant fluid so that the unit continues to produce cool air efficiently. 

Causes of Refrigerant Fluid Leaks

Refrigerant fluid leaks cause a great mess. It can leak onto the wall, causing excess moisture to develop into mold. Mold can cause tremendous health hazards for everyone living in the home while also destroying the structures it touches. Refrigerant leaks will decrease the unit’s efficiency, causing you to pay higher energy bills. 

Four leading causes of refrigerant fluid leaks are investigated by an AC repair tech. Read on to learn if these issues could be present in your home and how they are typically fixed.  

Pinhole Leaks

Pinhole leaks develop on the coils of AC units after decades of use. They are the product of exposure to formaldehyde which corrodes the coils, causing little holes to form. When an AC repair is performed, it requires a replacement of coils, which will eliminate the leak. 

System Vibration

When the HVAC system is installed correctly, it can prevent the motor from creating extreme vibration during its operation. Usually, this happens when the AC tech doesn’t install a vibration isolator on the motor, which controls the vibrations and eliminates any extra movement of the system. Without this isolator, significant vibrations can cause severe damage to the unit and cause the refrigerant lines to break. 

The vibrations themselves will lead to expensive repairs and a shorter lifespan of the entire unit. However, when coupled with a broken refrigerant line, you’ll find an AC completely depleted of its fluids. Because of this, it is essential to hire the best possible AC repair tech in Boca Raton to install your AC.

Line Set Damage

The condenser has copper refrigerant lines that connect it to the evaporator coils. If these lines are damaged or pierced, it will cause an excess leak. You’ll look at a high energy bill while standing in a hot room that is supposed to be cooled off by your AC! These lines need to be replaced. 


Formicary corrosion is a by-product of exposure to formaldehyde found in almost every home. The corrosion caused by formicary will create holes in copper refrigerant lines, causing a leak of refrigerant fluid. This event is usually prevalent in older AC units, but it will need to be investigated by a tech for repair or AC replacement. 

Reliable AC Repair In Boca Raton, FL 

Do you think you may have a problem with the refrigerant lines of your AC? The techs at Air Pros are experienced and qualified to provide top-of-the-line repairs for your home’s AC unit. We are available 24 hours a day to provide emergency service for your HVAC needs. Contact us today at (877) 561-9730.




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