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Common Florida HVAC Replacement Challenges

AirPros - Common HVAC Replacement Challenges

Replacing an air conditioning system is no small feat. There are many factors to consider concerning the AC replacement & AC Installation process, such as appropriately sizing the unit and ensuring it is placed in the right place. Additionally, the process involves the disconnection and disposal of the older unit.

As Miami’s Top HVAC Installation Company, we’ve handled more than our fair share of HVAC replacements. To ensure this process goes smoothly, we will go through our top tips for preparing your home for a new air conditioning unit.

Ensuring a Quality Air Conditioning Replacement

Because HVAC systems are mechanical and electrical, they eventually wear out. You’ve probably decided to replace your unit because it has been showing one or more of the following signs of wear:

  • Progressively increasing energy bills
  • Poor indoor air quality
  • Lack of airflow coming from the vents
  • Poor cooling performance
  • Excessive need for repairs
  • The unit shut down completely

Regardless of the reason propelling you toward an HVAC replacement, you will need to be thoroughly prepared for this complex process. Here’s what you need to do to ensure your new AC unit works well in your home:

Get the Right Size AC Unit

One of the first factors to consider when replacing your AC unit is its size. If your new unit is too big or too small to accommodate your home, there will be many issues with its performance and efficiency levels. Plus, the unit will not last as long in your home and necessitate another replacement. Thus, we recommend consulting an Florida HVAC repair tech who will assist you in determining the correct size of your unit.

Clear the Area Around the Existing AC Unit

The area around the air conditioning unit must be prepped for the replacement service. Even if you’re not going to be the one to replace the AC, it won’t hurt to take a few minutes to remove any items around the unit and sweep up any debris. This will help the technician get to work quicker, minimizing the downtime required for the replacement and installation.

Make Space Inside for the Installation

After you prep the outdoor area for the installation, do the same thing around the indoor unit. Clear the area around the indoor AC unit and move any furniture or objects that could obstruct the installation process, allowing the Florida HVAC repair technician easy access to the unit.

Protect Your Belongings

Oftentimes, the installation process can get messy as it disturbs the dust and debris stuck in the vents and ducts, causing it to flow inside the home. We recommend covering any furniture or valuable items around the installation area to keep them clean.

Plan for Any Necessary Downtime

The length of time that it takes to replace an air conditioning unit varies depending on the size of your home and the type of AC being installed. There will be some downtime during the replacement service, so it is wise to plan for it, especially if it is hot outside. Consider using ceiling fans to stay cool. Also, this may be a good time to plan activities outside the home as the air conditioning unit is being installed.

Arrange for Proper Disposal

Work with your HVAC contractor to ensure the proper disposal of your old AC unit. Many HVAC companies offer disposal services or can guide you on how to handle it responsibly. Be sure that the old unit is stowed away from children and pets for safety.

Hire A Professional Installation Technician

Perhaps the most important part of the whole AC replacement process is hiring a professional, reputable, and experienced HVAC contractor. AC replacement is not a DIY project; this can potentially violate safety and building codes. An improper installation also leads to poor HVAC performance.

When searching for an HVAC repair tech in Florida for your installation, seek out professionals with the following qualities:

  • Professionalism in communication, conduct, and appearance
  • Substantial experience and expertise in the HVAC industry
  • The contractor must have all the appropriate licenses and certifications to perform the installation
  • A good reputation must follow the contractor to verify the quality of service they deliver

Work with the Top Florida HVAC Replacement Company, Air Pros USA

No one is more qualified for an HVAC replacement service than the techs at Air Pros. Contact us to upgrade your comfort!


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