6 Reasons Why Your Central AC Emits Bad Smell

6 Reasons Why Your Central AC Emits Bad Smell


There’s nothing like being in a comfy home on a hot day in Boca Raton. However, if you find yourself suddenly wondering “what’s that smell?”, reach out to Air Pros to see if you may need AC repair or even a full-on replacement. One of the reasons we recommend taking this step is because offensive odors from your central air conditioning have many possible sources – like the following.

Internal Motor Issues

The internal motor on a central air conditioning system may produce exhaust-like odors if it’s overheating. It may be necessary to conduct AC repair to fix wiring issues if this is what’s affecting the motor. Dissolving parts or hardware are additional potential sources of motor-related odors.

Blocked Drainage Line

The drainage line is what removes water from excess humidity in your home as your central air conditioning system operates. A blockage in this line may produce a musty or stale odor. Call on Air Pros for AC repair in Boca Raton, FL, to determine if this is the reason for the odors.

Sewer Line Clogs

In some cases, you may find yourself thinking you might need AC services because of strong odors only to discover you have a sewer issue. This can happen if a clogged or cracked sewer line is near where the system’s air ducts enter your home.

Circuit Panel/Motor Shorts

If your central air conditioning system is older, motors or circuit panels can develop shorts. The resulting odor usually smells like fireworks or gun powder. If not dealt with sooner rather than later by an Air Pros technician, you may find yourself needing AC replacement in Boca Raton, FL, because of related internal damage.

Dusty/Dirty Evaporator Coils

Evaporator coils are an important part of a central AC system because they remove heat from the air to produce comfy indoor spaces. However, if dust and dirt accumulates on these coils, you may notice odd odors in the air that’s circulated by your unit. Having these coils cleaned by a professional can solve this problem.

Cigarette Smoke

Here is another reason not to smoke indoors: cigarette smoke can get into the evaporator coils and other parts of your central air conditioning system. Should the Air Pros team determine that this is the reason behind the foul smell, our technicians can sanitize your coils and other parts of your central AC.

Other Possible Sources

An AC repair in Boca Raton, FL, is what you will need if odors may be due to refrigerant leaks. A telltale sign of leaking refrigerant is a pungent to fruity odor similar to what’s associated with acetone. If refrigerant leaks aren’t detected and corrected, your system will gradually become less efficient, which could mean higher utility bills and less comfy inside air. Air Pros is also the company to call on to determine if the odors may be related to:

  • Dead animals in your ventilation system
  • Nests in the ductwork
  • Dirty ducts

Consult Air Pros Today

Once your cooling system is producing unpleasant odors, give us a call. As experts in AC repair in Boca Raton, FL, we know how to troubleshoot problems and recommend solutions that will restore your central air conditioning system. We also offer AC replacement options that will fit any need or budget. Contact Air Pros today to get professional assistance from our skilled technicians.




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