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5 Reasons to NEVER DIY a Heating Repair

In a time when prices seem to be rising on everything, it is tempting to try to cut costs by avoiding service technicians. With YouTube tutorials a heating repair may seem pretty simple, right? However, it will be difficult to find a single HVAC technician who will recommend attempting to do these repairs yourself. Read on to learn why you should NEVER attempt to DIY a heating repair.

You May Void Your Warranty

In many cases, manufacturers will void the warranty of a professionally installed unit as soon as it is opened by someone who isn’t an HVAC technician. Furthermore, if your unit was installed by a professional, its warranty may entitle you to certain repairs at no additional cost to you. Bottom line, there is no need to try to do anything on your unit until you’ve checked your warranty. If it allows for certain repairs at little to no cost, you may as well call the heating repair technician for help.

You Can Damage Your Unit

Even after watching every tutorial and reading all the instructions on how to repair your unit, you may damage your unit. Unless you’re a professional HVAC technician, the likelihood of this is very high. Heating repair techs have all the proper training to foresee potential problems and how to address them.

Your attempts to fix things yourself may require a visit from an HVAC service company anyways but the repairs will be even more complex than they were initially. Plus, most heating repair techs carry a liability policy that protects them when damages will occur. That policy will reimburse you for those damages. However, if you damage your unit yourself, you will be facing costly out-of-pocket expenses.

To avoid costly repairs, it is also important to keep up with heating and air conditioning maintenance. Check out our blog post to learn more about the benefits of a maintenance inspection.

You Might Get Hurt 

Getting hurt is a real possibility when working on a heating and air conditioning unit. There is a risk of getting shocked by electricity. The unit also holds different gasses and chemicals that carry potential health hazards. These elements must be handled in a very specialized manner to avoid injury. You, your family, and your home may be put in danger if these things aren’t handled by a professionally trained heating repair specialist.

You Don’t Have The Proper Training 

An HVAC technician goes through a rigorous training program and countless hours of working as an apprentice before they can sit for their certification exam. Their daily work in the HVAC industry affords them the experience of handling many unforeseen problems that arise with heating units. 

Additionally, they use the proper equipment to get the job done safely. There are certain tools and protective gear that they use while removing refrigerant fluid, cleaning, or replacing and installing it. These aspects of a professional heating repair tech are put in place to protect you, your family, and the technician.

It Will Take You Longer To Repair

Let’s face it, even if you read all the instructions and watched every tutorial out there, your repair work will take longer. This is normal when you try to do something new. Professional technicians do repair work daily and have the chance to practice their skills. What takes them 30 minutes to fix will take you a day. Is it still worth a free fix when you’ve spent countless hours working on it? Time is valuable, and we highly recommend using the easy route of calling a pro.

If you’re not attempting to DIY your repairs, you may also be tempted to just put off the repairs. Read our blog on why delaying heating repair may be a bad idea.

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