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Colorado Springs Furnace Repair

Most homes use a furnace for heating. They are powerful and reliable systems, and only HVAC certified technicians have the qualifications to work on them. When it becomes outdated or requires frequent repairs, it may be time for a new one. If your home needs furnace replacement in Colorado Springs CO, or any work done on your furnace, Air Pros are the experts to call. We have highly trained certified technicians available to get the job done right.

Colorado Springs Furnace Repair

Most homes use a furnace for heating. They are powerful and reliable systems, and only HVAC certified technicians have the qualifications to work on them. When it becomes outdated or requires frequent repairs, it may be time for a new one. If your home needs furnace replacement in Colorado Springs CO, or any work done on your furnace, Air Pros are the experts to call. We have highly trained certified technicians available to get the job done right.


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The Reliable Furnace Repair Company in Colorado Springs, CO

While DIY is recommended or even encouraged for a number of home repairs, furnace repair in Colorado Springs, CO, should only be conducted by highly trained and qualified HVAC professionals. Whether you have an electric, oil or a gas furnace, your home faces potential dangers when issues arise. If these concerns are not addressed by experts, it can have devastating consequences, such as to start a house fire, gas leak or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Air Pros has a friendly and professional furnace repair team. Our team spends countless hours each year in practical training and continued education to stay on top of current trends and the most modern technologies. They are also Pinkerton approved, NATE certified, polite, knowledgeable and approachable. Our experts can offer same day service along with the promise of beating any advertised pricing.

Repair vs. Replace

Is it time to replace your furnace or are you able to continue to repair it? There will come a time when inevitably, you will require a new furnace. These devices are only designed to last for a finite amount of time. When this day does occur, we can help with replacement and installation. Before this day arrives, we can also help repair your furnace to make it last for years longer. Our exceptional team provides furnace repair in Colorado Springs, CO, that ensures reliable results.

When you choose to make repairs on a furnace, it can provide you with a long list of benefits. You will save money and be provided extra time to save money for a new furnace. This time will also allow you to conduct the proper research to ensure you choose the best new furnace for your needs and budget. You will know when it is time to replace your furnace rather than to repair it, such as:

When Do You Need Furnace Replacement?

It is probably time to replace your furnace when it isn’t working properly. If you start to hear strange noises when the furnace is on, or if it is blowing cold air when it should be blowing hot air, there could be a problem. If your furnace fails to heat your home properly, reach out to our team here at Air Pros. We ensure efficient Colorado, CO, furnace replacement.

The majority of high-efficiency major brand furnaces will last between 15 and 20 years; however, if the required maintenance is not done, or the furnace is broken and has been running without being repaired, it could be time to replace your furnace.

To avoid having to replace your furnace prematurely and to get the maximum amount of value from it, it is wise to set up annual maintenance appointments so that a certified HVAC technician can check on and service your unit. If you need furnace replacement in Colorado Springs CO, trust only an experienced professional courtesy of Air Pros. This will save you money from having to replace your furnace too soon, which can be a costly expense for any homeowner.

Furnace Repair Cost

Air Pros offers top furnace repair in Colorado Springs, CO, at an affordable price. The most important aspect to note about costs is that Air Pros offers a guarantee to beat any advertised pricing. It is estimated that furnace replacement or installation can cost several thousand dollars. Generally speaking, electric furnaces are less expensive than oil or gas furnaces. It should cost more to replace a furnace than for repairs. If your repair costs are over half the price of a new furnace, it is time to replace it.

Repair costs will vary based on the type of service and the part requiring repair. Flame sensor cleaning, air filter cleaning, and pressure switch repair often cost significantly less than blower motors and most igniter repairs. The overall costs will vary based on the hourly rate of a repair company, the part costs and the quality level of the furnace. It is estimated that the average furnace repair service costs around a few hundred dollars.

Reach Out to Air Pros

The Air Pro USA team of furnace repair in Colorado Springs, CO, offers top-rated service and competitive pricing. Call us today for a quote and same-day service. OR schedule an appointment online.

Our Heating Services

You depend on a functional heating system for your home or office in Colorado Springs, CO, WA. At Air Pros our top priority is your total comfort on the coldest days. We all know that a reliable heating system is paramount to comfortable living and productive work, so don’t skip out on a necessary furnace, boiler, heat pump, or a radiant heating system repair or tune-up to keep your heating system in tip-top shape when you need it.

Boiler Services

It’s important to have access to reliable boiler repair service and boiler replacement when you need them. Boilers usually last for many years, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be issues from time to time. You can trust Air Pros USA for all of your boiler services because we offer high-quality repair and installation and exceptional customer service.

Heat Pumps

Repair & Maintenance

Installation & Replacement


A heat pump is an excellent way to keep your home comfortable, but sometimes your heat pump will not work as it should. When you need heat pump repair, installation, or maintenance, trust the team at US Air Pros.


Installation & Replacement

Repair & Maintenance


The backbone of home heating across the country, whether in the cold climate of Alaska or subtropical conditions in Florida is the furnace. Almost everyone at one time or another has lived in a home that receives its heating from a furnace. You probably live in one at the moment. Furnaces are powerful, reliable, and come in different models to fit almost any house in Dallas-Fort Worth, Colorado Springs, and Florida. We can install both electrical and natural gas units.

Radiant Heating

For many homeowners, those first few steps out of bed on a cold winter morning can be quite unsettling. That’s one reason that more and more people are turning to radiant heating systems in their homes over the traditional way of heating. At Air Pros USA, we provide high-quality radiant heat installation and radiant heat repair so that you can feel comfortable all winter long.

Gas Log Fireplace


The thought of relaxing in front of a comforting fireplace on a cold winter evening is about as good as it gets. And even though it’s not possible to have a traditional fireplace in many homes today, a gas log fireplace is the next best thing. At Air Pros USA, we provide high-quality gas log fireplace repairs that will keep you safe and cozy all winter.

Water Heating

Installation & Replacement



Tankless Water Heater

Running out of hot water unexpectedly is something no homeowner wants to encounter; yet, it’s a common occurrence if your water heater isn’t running at full capacity. At Air Pros USA, we offer high-quality water heater repair and installation to the residents of Dallas/Fort Worth, Colorado Springs, and Florida, and we will make sure you have hot water when you need it.

AC Services In Colorado Springs, CO


Backed by a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, our AC Repair Service in Colorado Springs, CO offer affordable pricing and quality workmanship. Our NATE certified team can fix clogged AC units, units blowing warm air, and frozen AC units. Colorado Springs, CO AC repair is the headquarters for our organization and we are proud to offer local residents free service calls with any air conditioning repair.


Colorado Springs, CO AC Installs need not be exorbitantly expensive or poorly executed. We have strong internal training program and attractive financing rates to install any SEER-rated system including Rheem, Trane, Goodman, Lennox, America Standard, Ameristar and York. Same day AC installations are possible, and we offer ancillary preventive maintenance plans. Try us out!


Take care of your Air Handler Ducts by leveraging our Duct Cleaning Services in Colorado Springs, CO. Great value when ordered in bulk. Try us out out Colorado Springs, CO homeowners.


If your central AC is already running smoothly then leverage our AC Tune Up or Free Diagnostic with any AC Repair. Our summer specials are priced competitively and it’s a great way to get extra mileage out of your central AC unit. Our AC diagnostics will go a long way to saving you cash over the long term.


What if we told you, Colorado Springs, CO residents get 10% of any AC Repair when an annual Preventive Maintenance Plan is ordered. In addition, these annual home inspections give you priority in our scheduling queue and additional discounts of any parts order. Colorado Springs, CO homeowners can save up 20% in annual running costs with our AC Preventive Maintenance plans.


Financing for Colorado Springs, CO AC repair & installs is available to you right now. If times are tough take advantage of 0% down on new units or simply visit our financing link to get some help fixing your central air conditioning unit.

Why Air Pros Rules Davie, FL


That’s right. We are born and bred in Colorado Springs, CO with a strong reputation for quick, reliable HVAC services. We have strong ties to the community and will also do our best to offer new HVAC service discounts to Colorado Springs, CO homeowners first.


Our top priority is to make sure each Colorado Springs, CO HVAC repair job is done right, quickly and affordably. In particular we put a strong emphasis on our preventive maintenance plans as we believe this gives Colorado Springs, CO homeowners the greatest long-term value. It also means we build a life-long relationship with our customers which is important in our community.


Some of our HVAC service specials are the lowest in Colorado Springs, CO. However, we prefer not to only compete on price. We believe a strong focus on quality will ensure you extract long-term savings for your central HVAC system and also allow you to run it longer before a new unit is required. This interaction of short-term and long-term savings is unique feature of our company in Colorado Springs, CO.


While we have been expanding rapidly, we continue to generate new customers and sales through our base in Colorado Springs, CO. Our success is dependent on our good reputation in the Colorado Springs, CO Community. For this reason HVAC repair in Colorado Springs, CO is our top focus and will remain that way for the entire lifespan of Air Pros.


A key ingredient to our success in HVAC Repair Services in Colorado Springs, CO is to make sure we always listen to our customer feedback after a job is completed. This review process allows us to improve our repair & installation offerings. This process led to the creation of the 100% Customer Satisfaction Gaurantee designed to “leave no customer behind.” We will always find a way to make sure the job gets done to your satisfaction.


Our first year in business was built on servicing HVAC repair calls in Colorado Springs, CO. As such we understand your unique challenges, concerns and desires when it comes to both repairing & installing central HVAC systems. Ask about our Free Service With Any HVAC Repair in Colorado Springs, CO!


Several times per day we help Colorado Springs, CO residents by fixing units that blow warm air or become frozen. Call our AC dispatcher to describe your problem and we would be happy to help.


If your central air unit needs to be fixed asap, we can provide same-day appointments for emergency AC Repair. All our operations are digital and plugged into the HVAC cloud which means we do things quickly and reliably.


If your unit is leaking refrigerant or freon, we can run a diagnostics on your central ac system to establish the problem. Colorado Springs, CO AC repair is a strong focus in our organization and identifying leaks or cracks in your AC unit is a common task we perform.


We are headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO and welcome the opportunity to repair your AC unit. Whether your unit blows warm air, your central AC is frozen, or the drain lines are backed up we can help repair it quickly using our NATE certified techs.

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Our Promise

We are fanatically committed to make your AC service tech call as professional, affordable and pleasant as possible in Colorado Springs, CO.  We hope to keep you as a customer for life!

Anthony Pererra, President, Air Pros

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