Can You Do Aeroseal Yourself?

Can You Do Aeroseal Yourself?

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If your home is equipped with a central air conditioning unit, then you are probably aware of the ductwork that makes its function possible. Unfortunately, ductwork doesn’t last forever and eventually develops cracks and gaps that hurt the airflow produced by the AC. The cracks allow air to escape, hurting the efficiency levels of the air conditioning unit and the indoor air quality. 

One of the most recent developments in the air conditioning industry is Aeroseal, an innovative chemical spray that seals cracks and ducts effectively. This new method has helped countless homes achieve a tighter seal in the ductwork than ever before. In this blog, we will briefly go over the process of the Aeroseal application and explain why this process is not a DIY project. Read on to learn how this AC repair in Davie takes place.  

The Process of Aeroseal Application

The process of Aeroseal application involves a thorough assessment using a computerized system to detect all the existing cracks in the ductwork. Here’s a typical series of steps we follow when applying Aeroseal: 

1. Assessment

First, we assess the condition of the ductwork and identify the areas with leaks. We use various tools for this step, like pressure testing or thermal imaging. Sometimes, even a visual inspection is enough to find the leaks. 

2. Preparation

Next, we will cover the vents and registers throughout the home. This will ensure that the chemicals from the sealant do not escape and hurt the air quality inside the home. 

3. Sealing Process

This AC repair in Davie also requires a specialized machine that applies the Aeroseal in an even and highly intuitive manner. Operating this system requires special training as it involves a monitoring system and special skills to operate it. 

4. Pressurization

The Aeroseal system pressurizes the ductwork while the sealant particles are blown into the system. As the air escapes through the leaks, the sealant particles are drawn toward the leaks and adhere to the edges of the openings.

5. Sealing Effectiveness Monitoring

As the sealant is applied, the AC repair tech in Davie will monitor the progress with the help of the pressure sensors and computer software. This software helps them determine that the leaks are adequately sealed. At the end of the service, the computer will generate a report of the percentage of leakage that was sealed. 

6. Completion

When the sealing process has covered the desired amount of leaks, the technician will stop the machine and disconnect the equipment. All the ducts and registers will also be unblocked and restored to full use. 

Why You Should Let the Pros Handle Aeroseal

Based on the process outlined above, it is evident that applying Aeroseal is no small task. It isn’t something that an average homeowner can do due to the following reasons:

Expertise and Experience

AC repair techs in Davie are specialists in Aeroseal applications and have fine-tuned their skills to make the application effective and safe. 

Proper Equipment

As we gathered in the information outlined above, Aeroseal requires specialized machinery and technology to ensure an effective and correct application. Unless you are a licensed HVAC tech, you will not have access to this equipment. 

Safety Consideration

While the Aeroseal chemical is safe and non-toxic, it is still best handled by professionals who know how to apply it without overexposing themselves or others to it.

Efficiency and Accuracy

Professionals can complete the Aeroseal process more efficiently due to their experience and expertise. They know how to locate and seal leaks effectively, resulting in a more accurate and thorough sealing of the ductwork system. This helps maximize energy savings and improve indoor air quality.

Warranty and Guarantees

Aeroseal is not cheap, and a warranty is a must for anything that may go wrong. When you apply it on your own, you will obviously miss out on the warranties and guarantees that are offered by most providers. 

Leading AC Repair Techs in Davie

Is your ductwork in need of Aeroseal? Call Air Pros today to learn more about this service and if your home is ready for it. With our expert techs, your AC’s efficiency will be better than ever and the air quality in your home will be enhanced.




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